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St. Georges may be quaint and historic, but after sunset you can party until dawn.


Bermuda has a beach to please everyone, children are welcome!


The ships dock at Ordinance Pier in front of the Main Square in St. George's Harbour.

Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

Caribbean Ocean View Rental House with Private Pool

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Bermuda Beach

Vacation destinations make big claims about the purity of their beaches, sugary, pearly, alabaster and some really are. But few can claim pink, and only Bermuda can offer a blend of powdery rose-colored sands and radiant turquoise shallows with deep ocean blues in the distance, all under a golden sun. How did these beaches get to be so pink? Besides the pulverized remains of calcium-carbonate shells and coral skeletons found in beach sand anywhere the beaches here contain two secret ingredients to give them their sparkle and hue.

They get their signature pink cast from tiny scarlet protozoans of the order Foraminifera, which cling to the reefs while alive, then color the sands when dead. The beaches get their sparkling personalities from crystalline quartz, a mineral not native to these volcanic isles but transported here in the guts of migrating birds.

Bermuda Casino

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